Becoming roommates freshman year of college we had an instant bond and connected over our love for style and design. Our opposite, yet compatible personalities led us to becoming one in the same. Throughout our friendship it is not uncommon for us to show up to the same place wearing the same outfit, speak the same exact thoughts at the same time, together we have become a powerful duo and want to bring a community together. 
Through our travels and living in Florence (Firenze), Italy, for a school semester, we fell in love with the way people were unapologetically themselves. The street style abroad was effortlessly chic. We got inspiration everywhere, even walking down the street to get our morning coffee. We want to bring over that confidence and unique style to create a community that is just as powerful. Florence means “blossom / flower / I flourish" and when you rock the FRNZ.CLUB brand, we want you to flourish into the amazing person you are, and inspire everyone around you.
We hope you love our brand as much as we do and we cannot wait to see you rocking your #FRNZCLUB.
Julia and Raisa